National Committee on Coastal and Ocean Engineering

Coastal and ocean engineering works across land, sea and the open ocean providing specialised knowledge to ensure safe and ecologically sustainable developments. This includes man-made developments such as ports and harbours as well as natural offshore sources and nearshore zones.

Coastal and Ocean engineers work as consulting engineers, project managers, construction contractors, or in specialised government organisations and university teaching and research roles.

The National Committee on Coastal and Ocean Engineering (NCCOE) is a specialist sub-committee of Engineers Australia’s Civil College.

The objectives of the NCCOE are to:

  • facilitate initial and continuing education
  • assist in relevant tertiary course accreditation
  • encouraging and setting priorities for research
  • ensure the availability of technical standards
  • encourage good coastal and ocean engineering practice
  • provide a forum and a network for the exchange of views and experience
  • formulate policy for Engineers Australia in the coastal and ocean area
  • foster interaction between the profession and the public on technical and social issues.

Priorities for the NCCOE are:

  • Improve the management of the coastal zone through an understanding of the coastal environment.
  • Develop strategies for hazards and risks in the coastal zone.
  • Establish a national coastal and near-ocean data program integrating advanced technologies such as satellite, airborne and shore-based remote sensing.

The NCCOE also assists members with their continuing professional development by facilitating conferences, speaking events, training and recognition of excellence through the Kevin Stark Award.


NCCOE committee members for 2023 are:

  • Dr Andrew Pomeroy MIEAust CPEng NER – Chair
  • Rhian Wardley GradIEAust – Deputy Chair
  • James Carley MIEAust – immediate past Chair 
  • Edward Couriel FIEAust
  • Erica Deegan MIEAust
  • Adham Fathy MIEAust NER
  • Vikrambhai Garaniya FIEAust CPEng EngExec NER
  • Peter Horton MIEAust CPEng NER
  • Rhys Jones MIEAust CPEng NER
  • Jenny Loveday MIEAust CPEng NER
  • David Todd FIEAust CPEng
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