National Committee for Rehabilitation Engineering

Rehabilitation engineering is the application of engineering sciences to create technological solutions to problems encountered by people with disabilities. Rehabilitation engineers are integral to the development and delivery of assistive technologies. These technologies help people with disabilities in their everyday lives and in education, rehabilitation, employment, transportation, recreation and independent living.

Rehabilitation Engineers work across a range of functional areas including mobility, communications, hearing, vision, and cognition, and in activities associated with employment, independent living, education, and integration into the community.

The National Committee on Rehabilitation Engineering (NCRE) is a committee of the College of Biomedical Engineering, governed by a panel of committee members.               

The NCRE aims to:

  • Foster interaction with peers across Australia.
  • Support the practice of rehabilitation engineers working across Australia.
  • Promote the work and role of professional engineering involvement in the provision of assistive technology services to Australians with disabilities.
  • Define and develop a rehabilitation engineering profile amongst clients, health professionals and funding sources.
  • Improve Government understanding of and support for rehabilitation engineering.
  • Establish and increase the level of rehabilitation engineering research and development projects, manufacturing industry and training in Australia.

NCRE committee members for 2022 are:

  • Iain Brown MIEAust CPEng NER – Chair
  • Kristen Morris MIEAust
  • Sam John MIEAust
  • David Hobbs FIEAust
  • Peter Slattery FIEAust CPEng NER
  • Karthik Pasumarthy MIEAust
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