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Automatic Bandage Clasp Setting Machine

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For this machine
Lippl was honoured
with the Bavarian Price
of Innovation
on the occasion of the International Trade Fair
in Munich 1993.

Awards of our company

Usage of the Automatic Bandage Clasp Setting Machine:

This new development will simplify the work for women in the bandage industry.
Furthermore time can be saved leading to a reduction of the production costs.

A woman usually takes the clasp from a tangled mess and sets it on the provided bandage. Separating as well as spreading out setting of the clasps is a timecosuming job and a there
is a high risk of injury due to the projecting hooks of the clasps.
The automatic bandage clasp setting machine described below takes over this work.

Description of the Automatic Bandage Clasp Setting Machine:

 The clasps on a belt are fed to the setting machine from a reel.
During insertion or supply of a bandage the start is triggered by means of a light barrier.
The clasps are taken off of the belt, clamped by grippers and set on the bandage.
The grippers release the clasps and press them onto the bandage.
With the next supply of the bandage the cycle repeats itself.
The automatic clasp setting machine can set one, two or three clasps.
The number of claspscan easily be varied from one to three during production.

You can carry out production in a rational manner and reduce costs!

 By using this automatic
bandage clasp setting machine.

Due its maneuverability, the automatic bandage clasp setting machine is ready for operation at any location. Wether it is to be manually fed or integrated into automatic winding machines or wether it is to be used as a connection unit between an automatic winding machine and an automatic cellophane machine, it is always ready for service at any location and at any time

Bandage Clasp Setting Machine - Technical Data:

Setting of the elastic clasps from a belt onto the bandage; feeding and removal of the bandage is carried out manually or by means of an automatic supply and discharge of the bandage.

Bandage Clasp Setting Machine - Output

45-52 bandages per minute
45-156 clasps per minute
Drive: Elektric 220 V, 50-60 Hz  -  Pneumatic 6 bar

Dimensions of the Bandage Clasp Setting Machine

Dimension of the bandage:
Diameter: approx. 20-80 mm  -  Length: approx. 40-250 mm and longer

Machine dimensions without conveyor belt:
Length: approx. 1200 mm  -  Width: approx. 820 mm - Hight: approx. 1450 mm
Weight: approx. ca. 120 kg

Conveyor belt for automatic supply and discharge:
Alternatively from 1000 - 2000 mm in length, infinitely adjustable from 2m to 13m per minute.

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Robert-Bosch-Str. 4
Germany - 93426 Roding / Oberdorf
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fax.: 09461 - 17 39
e-mail: HLippl@t-online.de

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