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Automatic Varnisch Stripper Machine For Cu - Wire

Purpose: Supply Cu - wire from roller to the machine Skin wire and cut to required length

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For this machine
Lippl was honoured
with the Bavarian Price
of Innovation
on the occasion of the International Trade Fair
in Munich 1993.

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Output of the Automatic Varnisch Stripper Machine:

Capacity: approx. 7 sec. per unit

Automatic Varnisch Stripper Machine - Control:

 SPS control with stepping motor Pneumatic system 6 bar, 380 Volt
Varnished wire is pulled off the roller, the varnisch is removed from the wire on the spots indicated and then the wire is cut to the length required.
Pull in the roller and the machine runs automatically.
One person is required for supervision.

Dimensions Of The Automatic Varnisch Stripper Machine

Legnth approx. 1400 mm
Widthapprox. 900 mm
Hight approx. 1200 mm
Weight approx. 250 kg

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