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Special Machine: Egg Cracking Machine

Innovation in Egg Cracking Technics - Up to 60.000 eggs /hour

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Egg Cracking Machine: Description:

Innovation in Egg Cracking Technics
Up to 60.000 eggs of quality class A per hour i. e. 3.000 kg/h

 Space-Saving due to a compact and round solution
Easy Operation due to a clear arrangement

Poor in Wear
Automatic Cleaning Procss
Expandable e. g. Egg Washing Station or Device for Separating Egg Yolk

Egg Cracking Machine: Technical Data:

Capacity:   40 - 60.000 pieces per hour
Connection:  4,5 kw 380 V
Air supply:  6 bars
Length: approx 4350 mm  -  Width: approx.1500 mm  -  Height: approx. 1730 mm

Handling Capacity:  70.000 pieces per hour
Dimensions of Handling:
.  Length: 730 mm (to be provided by belt conveyor)
Width: 1500 mm  -  Hight: 1730 mm
Inlet height of belt conveyor: 1070 mm
Einlaufhöhe des Förderbandes 1070 mm

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Factory: Lippl Special-machines
Robert-Bosch-Str. 4
Germany - 93426 Roding / Oberdorf
phone: 09461 - 45 65
fax.: 09461 - 17 39
e-mail: HLippl@t-online.de

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