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Stamping machines for the stamping of boxes, bags etc.

With this new version of the stamping machine shown on this site

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manufacturing costs are reduced, the process of imprinting
and marking
packaging materials
is greatly facilitated.

Stamping machines for the stamping of boxes, bags etc.

At the end of the packing line, the cartons are usually marked with numbers and other information (manufacturing date, shelf life, expiration date, consecutive numbers, etc.). Previously, the printing of all this information had to be performed manually in time consuming, unproductive operations.
This function is now carried out by the machine.
It saves energy, is non-polluting, operates quietly and involves low operating costs.

With this device (tripped by mechanical or other sensors or manually),
the necessary data can be applied to the packaging materials in one single operation at any point of the conveyer.
This machine not only represents progress in imprinting technology, but also contributes considerably to making the working place more humane.

Function of the stampingmachine:

What materials can be stamped ?
We stamp wood, paper, styrofoam, aluminium, sheet metal, synthetic materials (pre-treated), sacks, empty or filled packaging materials.
What can be stamped ?
Dates, consecutive numbers, control numbers, texts, logos, even Arabic or Chinese print, etc.
Operation is clean and trouble-free.
The stamping machine is easily operated, even by untrained personal.
The stamping plates can be changed in seconds without screws or adhesives-magnetic strips are used. Larger text plates can also be used.

Stamping Machines - Technical Data: "TYPE S 1"

Application: stamping of cardboard and similar materials
Drive: electro-pneumatic
Starting impulse: by means of mechanical or other sensors or manually
Compressed air connection on machine: hose nipple for 4 mm hose
Operating pressure: 3-5 bar

Stamping machines - Capacity

Capacity: 1,200 cartons per hour maximum

Stamping machines - Dimensions:

Length ca. 450 mm
Width ca.. 450 mm
Hight ca. 1200 - 1500 mm
Weigth ca. 50 kg

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Factory: Lippl Special-machines
Robert-Bosch-Str. 4
Germany - 93426 Roding / Oberdorf
phone: 09461 - 45 65
fax.: 09461 - 17 39
e-mail: HLippl@t-online.de

Spezialmaschinenbau Sondermaschinenbau Deutschland

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Specialmachines made in Germany

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